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Dental Implants From Cosmetic Dentist DDS New York 


All is not for naught if you are missing a tooth or teeth. Dental implants can replace missing tooth and give you back your smile and ability to chew. This type of orthodontic option is traditionally made of titanium; however, a new material is used in Europe and has subsequently become quite popular in the United State and provide manage advantages to the dental patient. Cosmetic dentistry has come a long way since it was first introduced. Zirconium or metal-free, all-ceramic options are now available. They are not intended to replace metal types (yet), but rather to be offered as a titanium alternative for patients allergic to titanium or other trace metals found in the titanium rod alloy.

This type of orthodontic technology is a type of artificial roots that are fused to the jawbone to form a secure foundation for tooth replacement. They look, feel and function just like natural teeth. Along with the standard most successful dental implant systems, we have more to offer...

(all-ceramic implants)

The standard for replacing a missing tooth is the Titanium implant. However, Zirconia versions have been available on the European market for years. Recently, they have been FDA approved and introduced in USA. The Zirconia dental tooth replacements are made of special ceramic (Zirconium oxide) that is used in actual spaceships because of its high resistance to fracture and heat. This ceramic dental option offers great advantages to patients: 

HOLISTIC: It is no longer necessary to implant Titanium or any other metal in order to have fixed teeth. Zirconia implant is a holistic dental option for absolute metal-free dentistry. AESTHETIC: The white color of Zirconium substitutes the metallic appearance of Titanium. The dark line around the gum disappears. HYGIENIC: Ceramic implants and crowns retain less plaque and calculus than Titanium, therefore they promote healthier gums.

Along with these advantages over Titanium, the Zirconium implant has all the required qualities to be a material of choice for dental implantation. These qualities are comparable to Titanium:  BIOCOMPATIBLE: Zirconium is an inert material with very low allergic potential STRONG: The flexural strength of the Zirconia dental implant is close to 1200 MPa

OSSEOINTEGRATIVE: Zirconia has proven high level of osseointegration and bone-to-implant contact, confirmed with studies in Germany, Austria, Italy and USA, and published in reputable dental implant journals.


Short implants are designed to avoid vital structures (such as sinuses and nerves) in cases of deficient bone. They are an excellent alternative to more invasive procedures such as bone grafting and sinus lifts - see our blog article about this topic. There are a few systems on the market and we are proud to offer all of them, including the most popular - Innova Endopore and Bicon. The Endopore is a non-screw option. Its insertion technique is accomplished by tapping into the bone. Thanks to its microporous structure, the Endopore becomes "knitted" within the bone, rather than screwed in it. Bicon, on the other side, is well known for its bone preservation qualities. The bone preservation has been achieved by a specific restorative protocol, known as "platform switch" or "platform shift".

Short alternatives are one of the sinus lift options that we offer. Another way to avoid traumatic sinus elevation surgery would be a minimally invasive internal lift procedure.

If you are tired of wearing dentures and frustrated of placing denture glue daily, this is your permanent solution. The addition of fixed porcelain teeth to this procedure can bring back your quality of life. We can even shape your teeth the way they looked 20 years ago - just bring a photo of your smile. 
When teeth are lost, supporting bone is lost as well. The longer there is no function (because of a missing tooth/teeth) the more bone is lost - "form follows function" law. Full arch procedures will direct the force deep into the jawbone, thus exercising it and preventing further bone loss. In other words, we would not only restore the function of chewing but also slow down the aging of the face.
In many cases teeth can be restored with the dental alternative of immediate implant loading protocol - the popular TEETH IN A DAY, or TEETH IN AN HOUR procedure. Full arch splinting provides predictably high success rate.

Besides Standard Systems We Offer Specialized Short and Metal Free Zirconium Implant Options

With the advent of short options and other improvements and advances in dental options including non-screw style, more and more dental patients are able to take advantage of the process to restore missing teeth. Great advances have been made in this area of dental work including the ability to give patients finished teeth in a day, as well as strong, aesthetically pleasing and heat resistant options that result in healthier gums.

The dentists at the Center for Advanced Dentistry can tell you if you are a good candidate for this type of dental work. The patient needs to have good, healthy jawbones, which support the orthodontic work because the materials are closely connected with gum tissue and the underlying bone in the patient’s mouth. Active periodontal disease is a contra-indication for this procedure and needs to be addressed first.

Consult a dental implant specialist at the Center for Advanced Dentistry today to see if this is the answer to replacing missing teeth.

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