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Full Mouth Restoration

Full Mouth Reconstruction Dentistry 

When an individual needs both his upper and lower teeth restored or rebuilt the dental terms for this process is full mouth rehabilitation, full mouth restoration or full mouth reconstruction. It is a big undertaking but quite doable although it takes time and patience. Full mouth restoration can be achieved at the Center for Advanced Dentistry, where skilled and experienced dentists practice. 
Age is not your friend when it comes to your teeth which can become rigorously worn over the years due to acid erosion from foods, acid reflux or certain beverages as well as the result of tooth grinding. Many individuals grind their teeth while they are sleeping and aren’t aware of it. 

When clenching or grinding teeth this causes the teeth to crack and it wears off the enamel. It can also result in injury to the jaw. Teeth grinding is called bruxism, which results in trauma to the teeth, decay, tooth fractures and injuries.

Teeth may become crooked or overlap, injured, decayed, eroded or stained. There are numerous reasons why people opt to undergo full mouth restoration and seek out the services of a dentist who is skilled in restoration dentistry and esthetics. 

Additionally, there may come a time when you are no longer able to chew your food properly because of lost or broken teeth. Moreover, you be highly self conscious of your teeth because they are no longer attractive. This is when you stop smiling and that’s not good. At the Center of Advanced Dentistry we are committed to providing our patients with a smile make-over that is natural looking and consisting of teeth that are the right shape and size and positioned so that you can eat and chew properly. Sometimes re-contouring is required, or gum re-shaping to create a less gummy smile. All of these needs can be accommodated. 

Talk to your dentist about full mouth restoration/ reconstruction/rehabilitation, a process of restoring all or some of your teeth and which involves bridges, crowns, veneers and/or implants. 

We Can Fix Any Cracked, Missing or Chipped Tooth With Porcelain or Zirconia Veneers And Crowns

The dentist will take into consideration the color, size, shape and proportion of your teeth and how they look in relation to your face, side profile, lips, gums and mouth. It is crucial that all of these factors are considered when undergoing a full mouth restoration so that the right outcome is achieved. Getting a smile make-over can give you a whole new lease on life. 
The dentist at the Center for Advanced Dentistry will examine your gums first. If your gums aren’t healthy they won’t be able to sustain reconstructed teeth. If gum (periodontal) disease is present your dentist will treat this before proceeding with the restoration process. Treatments for gum disease include bone or soft tissue grafts which shore up your gums and the jaw bone making them strong enough to accommodate reconstructed teeth.  

The objective is to give the patient a beautiful and natural smile.

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