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Center for Advanced Dentistry

The Center for Advanced Dentistry offers customized and personalized dental care of a standard which meets the highest expectations for aesthetics, biocompatibility and functionality. We perform dentistry, based on scientific evidence mixed with artistry and creative thinking.

As the saying goes, "If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail". In the past, dentists used to offered solutions which were only within their scope of services. However, better results can often be achieved by using sequential or combination treatment within a few specialties, i.e. orthodontics-periodontics-prosthodontics. This vision allows planning and executing cosmetic dentistry for long lasting, predictable, stable, biologically compatible and cosmetically superior results. Today in our practice, a multi-specialty treatment approach is offered and applied in one location, for patient's comfort and convenience. 

Teeth and mouth disease can often be a manifestation of a general condition, intoxication or deficiency of nutrients. A success in our practice is defined not just as fixing teeth. It is prevention of disease by analyzing and addressing risk factors, treatment with respect to the surrounding tissues and the whole body, as well as postponing or refusing treatment when factors are not favorable. Most of these factors can be modified. It may require the knowledge and skills of a hygienist, dentist, nutritionist and the patient's participation, working together to achieve the goal. Patients and clinicians working as a team lays a path to success.

Treatment at the Center for Advanced Dentistry is carried out in one location, saving the patient the inconvenience of traveling to different offices for specialty procedures.  

The photographs on this site show some cases of extensive full mouth reconstruction dentistry, for the purposes of presenting the possibilities of today's implantology. HOWEVER, the priority and focus in this practice is prevention and minimal intervention. Conservative treatment is always considered and presented as first choice. The final decision is made after discussion of all options and based on patient's requirements and commitment to treatment.

Some of our minimally-invasive custom solutions include:

-conservative dentistry: the goal is to save a tooth whenever it is possible and feasible; includes evaluation of pros and cons, as well as discussion of consequences and possible risks of saving a tooth vs extraction and replacement, for each individual case

-preventive dentistry: education about nutrition and it's effect on bone and teeth health and hygiene; reversing dental cavities when diagnosed in their initial stage; preventing root canals by pulp capping with biocompatible materials such as Biodentine and MTA; treatment of dentinal hypersensitivity through nutrition (the current trend is application of desensitizers that work only short term and address the symptom rather than the cause)

Alternatives to aggressive dentistry:
-adhesive dentistry: porcelain onlay or composite build-up as opposed to drilling sound tooth structure for a crown. Application of the  "no post no crown" concept. Preserves tooth structure and reduces cost of treatment.
- occlusal equilibration: a simple adjustment of the occlusion may positively affect symptoms from the TMJ and head and neck area, for which patients are often referred to a full mouth rehab dentist. Vice versa, "adjusting" occlusion which is presently at balance, may actually cause those symptoms. Therefore, a thoughtful evaluation is critical. Sometimes, a bite with misaligned teeth may be in balance and should not be disturbed. In other cases, perfectly straight teeth could meet into imbalanced bite. This is sometimes observed after Invisalign
 treatment for example.

Minimally-invasive surgical alternatives:
- Pinhole gum surgery (PST) for restoring receded gums with no grafting or incisions
- lip lowering procedure for treatment of gummy smile as an alternative to crown lengthening. Crown lengthening leads to exposure of sensitive root structure and often requires placement of crowns or veneers afterwords
- sinus lift is often required for placing implants in the upper molar area. There are a few methods implemented in our practice, which provide less aggressive solution
- flapless surgery: in cases of ideal bone and gum volume and position, a dental implant can be placed without incisions and sutures
- drill-less surgery: with a special preparation at the time of extraction, dental implant can be placed later on with use of no drills, no scalpels and no sutures

Restorative solutions:
- biocompatible BPA-free composites and organically modified ceramics (ormocers)
- classic porcelain veneers and ultra-thin veneers with minimal tooth preparation
- dental reconstruction with non-metal restorative materials: crowns, veneers and fillings (inlay/onlay) made of zirconia or porcelain
- clear removable braces

Dental implants:
- case-specific implantology: including mini, short and immediate load implants
- metal-free implants: zirconia implants made entirely of biocompatible, white zirconium oxide ceramic, sometimes incorrectly referred to as zirconium implants

The Center for Advanced Dentistry has been helping local, nationwide and international patients since 1999.

Recommendations and contacts of patients who visited our office from around the globe are available upon request. If you would like to co-ordinate the treatment with your referring dentist please have him give us a call.


Attention dentists:

2019 Ceraroot zirconia implants certification course in New York.
Instructors: Dr Veselin Shumantov (NY), Dr Xavi Oliva (Barcelona, Spain)
Details and registration here.


Metal-free zirconia implants

as recommended by Dr Mercola

We used to do implant reconstructions with metal support:


Now we can offer the same with metal-free all-ceramic zirconia implants:

zirconia implants nyc.jpg